Background of the project​

TCC Group Thailand invests in coffee projects through Pak Song Highland Co., Ltd. in 2008 under a land lease and support from Lao PDR in the area of 3,101 hectares.

The project is located in Paksong. On the Bolaven Plateau, a volcanic crater that is a symbol of the city of Champasak.

The area of the Paksong is very suitable for growing coffee because it has an altitude of about 1,300 meters above sea level. The weather is cold all year round and high rainfall, which is suitable for growing coffee. The volcanic soils are rich in minerals. This area has the potential to grow and produce high quality Arabica coffee.

Preparation of areas and obstacles during cultivation

Since the area of the Bolaven Plateau is an area of old volcanoes, large and small volcanic rocks are found. At first, it was not thoroughly excavated, thus preventing the use of machinery and the growth of coffee trees. At present, the stone is gradually collected throughout the area. Using heavy machinery, which takes time and budget but is good for growing coffee in the long run. In addition, the city of Pak Song is also an old battlefield, so it is still required to clear up bombs or mines in the area continuously, making the area to be treated with caution.

Operations teams also face the challenge of weather because of the frost in the winter. This has damaged coffee plants. The company has found a way to solve the problem. The results are very satisfactory.

In addition, the plantation in the concession area are not connected which makes the company difficult to maintain the property. The company solved the problem by negotiating with local people, giving knowledge of coffee to them and buying coffee from them at a special price. The problem is solved by this method. Not only benefits the company but also helps people to learn more about their careers and get the benefits from the better products.

During 2011-2013, there is a trial of civet farm to produce civet coffee. However, due to insufficient knowledge and the company was renovated coffee garden so the company decided to release the remaining civets back to the forest. But the company has plans to raise civet in the future, however, specialists must be prepared to ensure that the civet is properly taking care.

Top seeds from around the world

The company is committed to be the center of coffee in Asia by collecting a total of 22 varieties of coffee from around the world, cultivated by sorting each coffee into each plantation. The coffee is 100% original varieties.

Paksong Highland, the paradise of coffee lovers, is a place to gather good coffee beans, so everyone can taste coffee from around the world easily. Responding to the vision of executives who want the highland coffee garden to be "One Stop Service for Master Roaster in Asia"

The first coffee plantation in Asia, with full machinery.

Paksong Highland coffee plantation has introduced advanced technology to grow and maintain coffee trees to control the quality of planting and maintenance of coffee trees ensuring that coffee products from this coffee farm are well selected, and taken care with love and attention in every detail.


Advanced technology

Paksong Highland coffee plantation has introduced advanced technology to grow and maintain coffee trees to control the quality of planting and maintenance of coffee trees. Ensure coffee products from this coffee farm was well selected care with love and attention in every detail

Roast for THE BEST

Paksong Highlands Co., Ltd. is committed to developing Lao coffee continuously. With the slogan "Roast for THE BEST" and the goal of producing premium coffee and specialty coffee, Lao coffee becomes a valuable and popular international coffee.

In 2015, the company has produced roasted coffee. For the trial at the event, the feedback of most customers appreciated. Roasted Coffee of Paksong Highland Co., Ltd has good taste and aroma. One of the major characteristics of Lao coffee.

We strive for social development.

The project's growth will lead to the development of Lao economy and people in the Paksong area. It will develop into an ecotourism destination, Agro Tourism, and a comprehensive agricultural learning center, especially coffee, with the cultivation techniques and the production of coffee from the West and the knowledge of the Lao PDR. The company has developed local staff to be skilled in using various machines that imported from abroad to increase the efficiency and knowledge of agricultural machinery, which will enhance the skill of people in the area to international level. 

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